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Live! The Gin Ties (Irl. UK. Arg.)

  21:30 - 02:30

Hailing from Ireland, UK & Argentina The Gin Ties are a rock & roll guitar band playing classic rock, R&B, blues & original songs. They put their own flavor to traditional roots rock classics from Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Stones, Van Morrison and Stray cats.

The Gin Ties – the urban myth surrounding the name: Years back the old Amsterdam Jenever/Gin drinkers, the morning after the night before, had to use a knot in their ties to steady the glass to lift it to their mouth for the first shot of the day.

Band Members:
Chris Neale: voice & guitar
Sam Shine: guitar & vocals
Tom Johnstone: bass & vocals
Luis Diaz: drums

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